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Trollbead Designers
Trollbead Designers

Trollbead Designers

Lise AagaadLise Aagaad“The inspiration for my beads often comes from my world travels. They often mirror a detail from another culture. I have always loved all forms of beads, their history and the details surrounding the production. Today I work with development and production of glass beads. The glass and the silver compliment each other so beautifully.”
Søren SølvsmedSøren Sølvsmed“My first Trollbeads were designed with little faces and figurines in Sterling Silver and strung on leather. Their intention was to tell a story and facilitate communication between people. More than 30 years have passed since I began. Trolls, stories, mythology and other cultures are often my inspiration.”
Svend NielsenSvend Nielsen“I began my education as a goldsmith in 1932 where I worked together with eight other smiths until 1937. Charms for bracelets was something completely new... we even got media coverage! So we produced small buckets, rakes and spades to hang on bracelets- in gold. Anything that would sell. The artistic element wasn't the main focus although it was okay to make something "new" or "different." As a young man, my life was of course influenced by travel and to an even stronger extent, the war, but goldsmithing, was and continues to be, the main focus of my life.”
Christel KaaberChristel Kaaber“During my apprenticeship with Svend Nielsen, I was able to follow and participate in the development of the Trollbeads. I designed my beads at this time and I focused on simplicity and humour.”
Asger Max AndersenAsger Max AndersenGraduated as jeweller in 1965 from Georg Jensen Copenhagen. Asger has several years of teaching experience and had worked abroad before he started his own company in 1975. He is located in Roskilde, Denmark.
Jens NielsenJens Nielsen“I have been on the team developing the Trollbead concept from the first day. It is necessary to be familiar with and to understand how to craft the beads but at the same time understand how to use modern techniques. In this way, we can offer unique jewellery to the market and at reasonable prices. For me, it is an exciting challenge to combine the creative spirit with modern production methods.”
Mette SaabyeMette SaabyeGoldsmith Mette Saabye started her education in Italy in 1988 and finished in Copenhagen in 1994. Since then she's been showing her work at many large fairs throughout the world; since 1996 she's had her own workshop, which is located on Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen.
Trine Tanja FalsledTrine Tanja Falsled“It is an exciting process to create a bead. First I decide how to arrange the animals in relation to each other. Then I try to bring out the specific characteristics of the animal with as many details as possible. I have designed most of my beads in my time as an apprentice with Svend Nielsen, and it is a great to see that I have now turned out a whole herd. I hope that you will be happy with your bead.”
Michael WeiheMichael Weihe“I graduated as a Silversmith in 2000, at Georg Jensen Sølvsmedie. By 2001 I had started Weihe Sølvsmedie and now have a Studio and shop in Haderslev (DK). When shaping my designs I tend to use nature as a guide, and for the more cubic designs I use large machines. I pick out the details, perfect them, and recreate them into jewellery.”
Ragnar R. JørgensenRagnar R. JørgensenRagnar Jørgensen began his education as jeweller at Grand Valley State University in US in 1990. After returning to Denmark he finished his education in 1995 at Jeweller Ole Lynggaard in Hellerup. Recently he has been working as jeweller as well as designer in the US, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In 1999 he was accepted as freelance designer for Georg Jensen and has lately designed and produced several collections.
Signe M. SchumannSigne M. Schumann“I have worked as a goldsmith for Lise Aagaard since the summer of 2000. Surrounded by trollbeads morning to evening... it had to happen, I designed my first trollbead. My family name is Schumann, the name of a famous Danish travelling circus, and Søren Sølvsmed once said to me, with a name like that you ought to make circus-jewellery! Therefore my first trollbead is a circus clown.”
Lars GladLars GladLars Glad finished his education as jeweler in 1993. He finds his inspiration in the working process developing form into jewelry and again into new jewelry. He favors the simple en functional. Over the years he has receives several recognition’s within the trade. Today he works from his workshop in Kompagnistræde in Copenhagen. This Trollbead is inspired from the simple form of a bicone, a trademark from the Designer of this bead.Lars Glad Lars Glad finished his education as jeweler in 1993. He finds his inspiration in the working process developing form into jewelry and again into new jewelry. He favors the simple en functional. Over the years he has receives several recognition’s within the trade. Today he works from his workshop in Kompagnistræde in Copenhagen. This Trollbead is inspired from the simple form of a bicone, a trademark from the Designer of this bead.
Tom BlicherTom BlicherTom Blicher has designed jewellery in his own workshop since 1992, and his inspiration comes from organic forms and movements, and the lines found there. Those lines are often reflected in Tom’s jewellery. He describes his creative process thus: “I design my jewellery so that they are little sculptures in themselves. In my thoughts I see them as sculptures on solid ground. Their lines and movements must support this magnification in order to appear complete in my eyes.”
Maria NielsenMaria NielsenMaria Nielsen has managed Barbara Maria's Goldsmith in the heart of the old Dragør, Denmark since 1997. Maria Nielsen is a graduated diamondgrader certified by IDC. This ranks her among Denmark's best professionals for grading diamonds. In her goldsmith Maria works with design and production of new jewelry. On working with art and design Maria Nielsen says: " It is inspiring for me to translate the emotions which my customers wish to express, into a handmade piece of jewelry. Jewelry should help express and enhance the bearers personality".
Gitte BjørnGitte BjørnGitte Bjørn is educated goldsmith from 1993. Already from her graduation project it was obvious that she wanted to work sculpturally. She has exhibited in Denmark as well as internationally and describe her work this way: With my work I strive to give room and physical reality to the part of my imagination, that I allow myself – still - to live in a parallel world populated with mythological beings and animals in a gothic time. In this way I keep “ the bridge down” and treat myself with a sure expectation of joy and excitement that lays ahead of me.
Jytte KløveJytte KløveI am standing at the helm of a ship sailing into the future. My cargo is securely stowed in the hold below me. The view from the bridge is wonderful - no two outlooks on the real world are alike. Each day brings a new sunrise, new colors, because each morning adds yet another day to life and anything can happen.
Kasia GasparskiKasia GasparskiGasparski trained as a goldsmith under Jytte Kløve from 1990 –1994. Since 1996 she has had her own workshop and gallery, “Guldkompagniet,” centrally located in Copenhagen. Her style is graphic, with simple, symbolic effects. In 1996 Gasparski received a three-year grant from the Danish Arts Foundation and her work may be seen at exhibitions both in Denmark and abroad.
Anders Martin BruunAnders Martin BruunI see myself as an independent businessman/an artist/a designer/a goldsmith and an entertainer, that loves to become absorbed in the small details, in whatever I’m working on at the moment. I express myself by being as precise and pure as possible, and I find it very challenging and exciting to work with trollbeads. In designing a trollbead, I try to combine humour and details with a certain amount of cuteness. And it’s important for me to integrate the hole into the design of a bead. I get my inspiration from the diversity of the world and from the quirkiness of everyday life.
Eske StormEske StormEske Storm graduated as a goldsmith from Hertz& Jakobsen in Copenhagen, Denmark and from the School of Arts in Tasco, Mexico. Received a bronze medal in 1995 in the Danish Art & Craft-competition. Opened his own store in 2001 in downtown Copenhagen next door to the Trollbeads Headquarter in Toldbodgade. His customers comes from as opposite places as the Royal resident to the free City of Christiania. “I like to work in a realistic universe – you could call it a typical Danish design universe but maybe it really is in fact my own personal universe. My inspiration comes mainly from my travels around the world and my meeting with local tribal cultures. I’m strongly influenced by old Nordic mythology. You could call what I design for space-Viking jewellery”. “It has been a very natural process for me to work within the Trollbeads universe. I carved my own first bead when I was 6-7 years old in Greenlandic soapstone, at the same time I carved my first miniature elephant, which today has developed into the Elephant Lock”.