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Bella Roma
Bella Roma
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Stunning combination of gorgeous beads, inspired by the one of the fashion capitals of the world - Rome.
Be aware that there's 2 glass beads in this photo that have been discontinued and we've replaced them with very similar glass beads so the whole bracelet maintains that gorgeous look (see Specifications for details and you can click on each of the bead images to see what they look like).
Note: the price of this pre-made bracelet includes the proposed replacement beads.
This pre-designed bracelet has a total of 18 pieces.
Please email us with your bracelet chain size after you place your order (When measuring for bracelets, measure tightly where your wrist is broadest and add 2cm or about 1 inch and round up part cm measurements to the next bracelet size (ie 19.2cm should be rounded up to 20cm). That is the size to order and will allow enough slack to add beads and fill your bracelet).
10109 Flower Dichroic Lock $62
11154 Mocha $31
21148 18ct Gold Cells $486
61198 Rose Ribbon $38
62006 Third Eye $40
11408 Thumbelina $55
61169 Turquoise Green Dot $38
21106 Gold Hydrangea $444
60187 Red Pink Prism $38
61167 Ice Blue Flower $38
61712 Summer Jewel, BIG $38
61330 Purple Flower Bud $38
41813 Happy Univers $488
61364 Beige Blue Dot (replaces discontinued bead in photo) $38
61309 Pink Bud (replaces discontinued bead in photo) $38
61164 Turquoise Armadillo $38
21104 18ct Gold Berry $423
Sterling Silver Bracelet (email us your size when you order) $44