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Lost in Time
Lost in Time
Blue Green Feather 61350 (RRP $38 or €22)
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Locked in history, lost in time, this beautiful bracelet is dotted with amber Trollbeads. A mixture of amber, green shades, deep oranges and triple pearls. This is an excellent bracelet to wear now and continue to add your own personal Trollbeads to put your touch on the creation.
The seventh bead in the photo image is now retired from Trollbeads so we recommend the Glass Troll 61707 as it's best replacement. Note: the price of this pre-made bracelet does not include this 7th bead.
This pre-designed bracelet for sale has a total of 13 items as listed below.
Please email us with your bracelet chain size after you place your order (When measuring for bracelets, measure tightly where your wrist is broadest and add 2cm or about 1 inch and round up part cm measurements to the next bracelet size (ie 19.2cm should be rounded up to 20cm). That is the size to order and will allow enough slack to add beads and fill your bracelet).
Blue Green Feather (61350) $38 or €22
Translucent Flower (61353) $38 or €22
Triple Pearl Black (51733) $73 or €52
Amber: Maple Syrup (71003) $49 or €35
Rainbow (61351) $38 or €22
Red Feather (61349) $38 or €22
Discontinued Bead (suggest 61707 Glass Troll) Order your choice seperately
Amber: Alibaster (71001) $49 or €35
Triple Pearl, white (51732) $73 or €52
Clear Blue Bubbles (61352) $38 or €52
Green Rainbow (61348) $38 or €52
Amber: Caramel Sunset (71004) $49 or €35
Mexico Lock (10108) $62 or €44
Sterling Silver Bracelet chain $44 or €31